Well Testing

Living Water Systems offers two packages for the reliable testing of your water well system. The majority of homes in the Colorado Foothills and mountain communities are served via private water wells. Most permitted wells have been recorded with the Colorado Division of Water Resources (CDWR) and can be accessed online at: water.state.co.us. When involved in a real estate transaction, it is highly advised that the well in question be tested using CDWR standards and requirements... and by a licensed well contractor. Although information about the well may be obtained from when it was constructed, water tables can vary from year to year and season to season. We often encounter wells that have a much lower production rate than when drilled…but sometimes find them performing much better! It is for this reason that a current test of the factors can prevent you from the unexpected costs of having to replace a well.

Well Test

*An intensive inspection of the visible water well system components* 

*A sustained yield recovery test of the water well’s production rate*

*A water quality sample test for presence/absence of Coliform & E. Coli bacteria*

*An informative summary report of the findings*

Our results are very informative, thorough, and typically have a very fast turn around. Click on the ‘Scheduling' tab below for fast and easy scheduling, State licensed methods, and unbiased reports.